Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

Mr. Jacko has passed away

huh.. i don't know why i'm feeling sad about Michael Jakson's died. may be it's because of His legendary name and all the things about him made me always remember my dad. my dad is a huge fan of Mr.jacko besides bob marley.

dulu waktu gw kecil ayah selalu muter lagu2 michael jackson, bob marley, dan ub 40. dari mulai baungun tidur sampe gw tidur lagi.. di kamar bokap gw waktu muda (di rumah oma gw) ada poster2 m.j dan another legendary musician. bokap gw bener2 suka banget sama karya2 michael jakson, itu yang memebuat gw berasa akrab banget sama karya karya nya :)

one of my fave song from mr.Jackson


I took my baby On a saturday bang
Boy is that girl with you,Yes were one and the same

Now I believe in miracles
And a miracle Has happened tonight

reff : But, if
Youre thinkin About my baby
It dont matter if youre Black or white

They print my message In the saturday sun
I had to tell them I aint second to none

And I told about equality..An its true
Either youre wrong,Or youre right
(back to reff.)

Dont tell me you agree with me
When I saw you kicking dirt in my eye

back to reff to *

* I said if Youre thinkin of
Being my baby It dont matter if youre black or white

I said if Youre thinkin of
Being my brother
It dont matter if youre
Black or white

i'm praying for you mr. Jackson, god blessed you.
* mewakili ayah yang sudah pergi mendahului mr.Jackson dan pasti berpendapat sama dengan gw.

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